Essentials on Data Protection – Your Ultimate Guide to Handling Cybersecurity

USPAACC Western Webinar

When: October 14, 2021 at 1:00 PM PST

Work from home, intense data streaming, and data security breaches are making headlines more frequently in the last year. As a result, organizations are constantly being challenged to protect their data and secure their network. Large organizations are rededicating tremendous resources to manage their risks. Yet, small and mid-sized businesses tend not to have the resources available to put critical safeguards in place. This webinar will provide an overview of cyber threats and what creates a target, the risks, and the impacts of cyber-attacks. Topics will also include what threat vectors are and how attacks happen, as well as best cyber security practices to protect your company’s data.

Topics for this Webinar include:

– Overview of cyber threats.

– Targets, risks, and impact of cyber-attacks.

– Threat vectors and how attacks happen.

– Best practices of cyber security to protect company data