Proactive IT Managed Services

What are proactive IT services?

Imagine never thinking about your computers again.

You simply use your computer and network — and the job gets done. No worrying about unexpected outages or failures. No need to wonder if you are protected from the latest cyberattack. No wasted effort or time.

We’re not talking about some future utopia. You can have this today! All it takes is one simple phone call to your local CMIT Solutions office. We will place a zero-footprint intelligent agent on any device that connects to your network so that you can go back to doing what you do best — while we do what we do best.

We monitor, manage, update, refresh, and optimize technology for your business. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Not for us. We live, eat, and breathe technology that runs smoothly. We love working smart to avoid unnecessary downtime. We love it when you are productive.

Ask yourself one important question: What happens to your business if the plug is pulled on your computers, rendering them suddenly not available?

If you can’t live with the answer, you need proactive IT services. Contact us. We’d love to help.

Stay up. Stay running. Stay protected. No matter what.

Your computer support specialist for flat-rate, round-the-clock maintenance and monitoring.

Make CMIT your computer support specialist and we will not only look into current issues but will anticipate future IT issues and warn you ahead of time.Wouldn’t it be great to never again have to pay your personal computer support specialist to come back and fix the same problem four times?

What about never again spending hours trying to “fix it yourself” because you know it’ll be cheaper (and quicker) than calling for help and waiting hours (or days?) for someone to call back?

What do you think about paying the same, set price every month for 100% of the IT support and maintenance you need?

Make CMIT Solutions your computer support specialist with our Marathon service.

CMIT Solutions’ Marathon service keeps:

  • your computer systems running
  • your employees productive
  • your data protected
  • your network secure and
  • your strategic IT goals in focus

Say goodbye to the days of erratic and unpredictable billing, arguing over vague invoices and trying to contain your IT costs by spending the time you don’t have doing a job you shouldn’t be doing.

With CMIT Solutions Marathon managed service plan, we keep it simple. One price. One hundred percent service. If you like the sound of that, and want to know more about how we deliver superior service to our clients every single day, please spend some time on our site and learn about everything that makes up Marathon – we’re confident you’ve never met another IT consulting company like us before.

Contact Us if you are ready to talk with us about how proactive IT services can help keep your business up and running.

Or you can learn more about CMIT Marathon.