CMIT Marathon: Proactive Computer Care

More Uptime at a Predictable Price.

When it comes to computers, surprises are almost never pleasant. Aging or unreliable equipment, glitchy software, an unstable network, and the constant assault of spam and viruses can add up to major – and expensive – surprises.

If you’re tired of unplanned downtime, missed business opportunities, and wasted hours, we’ve got a solution.

No surprises. Just great service.

When’s the last time your computer guy volunteered to fix a technical problem before it grew into an out-and-out disaster?

That’s what CMIT does. Like other IT support providers, we’re here for you if and when things go wrong. But unlike a lot of the competition, we’re also working in the background, every day, to keep your entire system running smoothly – stopping problems before they start.

And we charge one flat monthly fee. That way you can plan for your technology investment just like you plan for utilities or any other ongoing service.

It’s simple. And it works.

CMIT Marathon, our desktop and server care product, keeps you running. It’s that simple.

Marathon makes sure your computers and servers are up, and fixes them when they’re down. When your computers are slow, Marathon makes them run faster. When spyware and spam attack, Marathon stops them.

Have you ever said, “I just want my computers to work”? Get ready. Because with CMIT, they can.


Stay in control of your computers and your budget.

According to recent research by CompTIA, devices without remote monitoring take nearly twice as long to repair and cause nearly twice as much user downtime per incident.*

Why is this? Because without monitoring, you can’t see trouble coming. As a result, problems arise on their schedule, not yours. If your network decides to go down during business hours, you’ve suddenly got employees standing around with nothing to do while customers wait. And you end up paying an arm and a leg for rush orders on replacement parts and emergency technician visits. Time is money – and unplanned downtime can be very expensive.

With a monitoring service like CMIT Marathon, we can proactively identify problems at an early stage and plan fixes for
non-business hours. In fact, we’re often able to fix problems before they even start.

We also save you money with our Network Operations Center – a 24/7 support resource that works behind the scenes, constantly monitoring your systems and responding to alerts. Even our larger clients who have technology staff rely on CMIT to supply the network support that’s expensive for individual companies to hire and retain.

More time in your day, more money in your pocket, fewer IT surprises. That’s CMIT Marathon.

Is Your Technology Working For You?

1. Do you hear complaints that computers or your network is slowing down people in your office?

2. Have you ever experienced a network outage or server crash that stopped your business dead in its tracks?

3. Do you have a local IT guy who isn’t very reliable, or a national support provider that doesn’t seem to care about you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could benefit from a proactive, flat-rate IT service from a provider that’s locally based but has the resources of a national network.

Contact Us today to put CMIT Marathon to work for your business.